Workshops, Retreats, and Training Programs

Below are workshops, retreats, training programs, and providers that I recommend to clients. Listed first are any activities that I offer or I am involved in supporting.

Programs I offer

Programs I lead or help coordinate

Name Date(s) Location Learn more
Power, Surrender, and Intimacy: A Residential Workshop for Men (The Body Electric School) Fri., Sat., and Sun., Nov. 2-4, 2018 Austin, Texas USA More

Programs and providers I recommend

Provider Learn more
The Body Electric School –  The Body Electric School offers experiential integration of sexuality and spirituality. They create safe group spaces where individuals are free to connect with their bodies without judgment, speak their true voice, and experience touch and movement from a vital and welcoming heart-based space. Visit site
Urban Tantra Professional Training Program – The Urban Tantra Professional Training Program is is a community, a philosophy, and an inclusive sacred sexuality practice that supports both personal and professional goals. Visit site
Betty Martin and the Wheel of Consent – Betty Martin offers group and individualized training and coaching on all the various dimensions of the power of touch. Visit site