What I Believe

I believe that there is considerable wisdom in the body. Unfortunately our upbringing, cultural constructs, and societal expectations discourage us from listening to our bodies and convince us to remain prisoners to our minds.

To live a more healthy life, one free of stress, tension, and frustration, we must work each moment to stay connected to our physical selves, to stay attuned to our energies as well as those around us, to honor what is natural and of this earth, and to focus on the present moment, as it is the only thing that truly exists.

My spiritual path is a unique blend of BuddhismTantric philosophy, and Zen perspectives, grounded in a Christian tradition.  I recognize and celebrate the gifts bestowed in us of pleasurepresence, and physical sensation, and I invite all expressions of humanity, as we are all reflections of our Creator, of our one true Source.

Mind, Body, And Spirit

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