The Sri Yantra, an ancient spiritual symbol with origins in Indonesia and possibly India, guides my practice of sacred intimacy.

The Sri Yantra consists of nine interlocking triangles surrounded by two circles of lotus petals. The five downward pointing triangles represent Shakti, the principle of the female, and the four upright triangles represent Shiva, the male principle. The forty-three small triangles each represent a specific diety connected to a specific dimension of our existence.

My spiritual practice recognizes both the feminine and masculine in each of us, and thus balance in these forces allows us to journey closer to our union with our higher Being.

The Sri Yantra represents a map for our spiritual journey towards ultimate enlightenment. We are limited in our journey by how we ascend to the center, which is our ultimate goal.

The Sri Yantra helps us to contemplate the totality of our existence, and our ultimate goal to unify ourselves with the cosmos.