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Heal, grow, explore, and embrace your life in mind, body, and spirit. It IS possible. The journey begins with YOU.

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Learn on your own. Learn with others. Discover resources and share experiences on your path to growth and expansion.

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Do you have clients that would benefit from someone with expertise in sexuality, embodiment, and personal growth? Let’s work together.

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Navigating your options in support in embodiment, sexuality, and personal development can be intimidating. Let’s start here.

Consulting for Sexuality Support Providers

Are you an embodiment coach, sex therapist or sex educator, or an organization offering support and services in holistic health and sexuality? I can help your improve and expand your efforts.

Sexuality Content and Media Production

From concept development to scripting, production, and distribution, I can help you turn your idea into a reality. Let’s talk!

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Embodiment Coaching

True change must engage mind, body, and spirit. Creating synergy in multiple dimensions often results on accelerated healing and growth.

Let’s work together and I’ll show you how.


Some Affiliations and Expertise



Art Gallery

From mandalas to erotic imagery, I design and paint stones for creative expression, expansion of healing, and pure pleasure. Many of my pieces are available for sale.

A Sexuality, Eroticism, and Embodiment Blog

Explore original articles on topics related to self-empowerment, sexuality, embodiment, and healing


Eros, Creativity, and Healing: Thoughts About Connecting with Yourself

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Breaking down barriers: Transcending beyond fears of offering touch

One of my greatest passions and pursuits in life is to guide others into understanding how the power of our humanity...

Tickling Kink? Erotic Play Through Laughter

(ADULT) When jumping into erotic exploration, most people don't think about tickling as a way to build energy and...

My experience attending an eros workshop that changed my life

About seven years ago, in 2010, after completing Celebrating the Body Erotic (CBE) a couple of years prior, I said...

How to “Do It:” Great sexual health guides for diverse communities

Working in sexual health and wellness, I find that folks often seek safer sex resources that speak their language and...

Focus: Personal growth, relationships, and intimacy

Focus: Sexual health and empowerment

Focus: Sex Tips and Resources

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It’s Love!

Andrés is a very caring tender person. I know I can trust my total being to his care. He is brilliant and challenges me spiritually and intellectually. Truly a gift to those of us who have the privilege of working with him.

- G.C., November 2016

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