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Andrés took the time in our consultation to fully understand my experiences, and struggles, my likes, and dislikes, in order help me, moving forward. I am a health care professional, and I feel he asked all of the necessary questions one might need in order to provide recommendations of services so that healing will take place. Thank you! 

B.B., May 2017

Andrés is a very caring tender person. I know I can trust my total being to his care. He is brilliant and challenges me spiritually and intellectually. Truly a gift to those of us who have the privilege of working with him. 

G.C., November 2016

It was an amazing hour. Andrés not only is a very handsome man, but does a great job. He never lost focus for one minute. A very intense and enjoyable session.

M.Y., November 2016

There is nothing to fear in a session with Andrés. He is so easy and comfortable to be around! Brilliant at analyzing situations and providing short easy solutions to them, he will help you leave the session at peace with yourself and the world.

Anonymous, October 2016